DKWEBIT has more than a thousand clients, availing our ITR unlimited email services and is placed among the most credible providers of ITR email service. ITR email service allows you to exhibit business proficiency and also saves your time by collecting all client’s OTP and Emails from ITD & GST Portal to your personalized email. Using our email service, you can manage all clients' unique email IDs automatically without creating new Id’s and receive all PIN/EVC/Income Tax Communication in single email ID. DKWEBIT adopts advanced technological features to tackle issues related to ITR unlimited emails and provides comprehensive support as and when required. Here is a glimpse of what we promise:

  • You don’t have to manage 100's of email ID's.
  • You will not miss any intimation from ITD, as earlier emails were sent by ITD to the 100s of email IDs created by you manually.
  • Now, you don’t have to create new email ID ever in your life.
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