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One Email to Manage Multiple Emails


Income Tax department has vide its press release dated 19.06.2014 has mandated registration of email id & mobile no. on Income Tax e-filing website. One mobile number OR email ID can be used for a maximum of 10 user accounts as the Primary Contact Mobile Number and Email ID in e-Filing. Though this facility has been provided to help taxpayer and Department both, however professionals are facing lots of issue in administration.


90% of assesses entrust everything to practitioners and they do not have time and facility to follow up these things. Many of them do not have e mail ID.


Some Tax Professionals create new email ID for every client to file ITR. This method creates lots of problems like;


  • Managing multiple emails along with password
  • It is very difficult to manage lots of email IDs of all clients and get communication from Income Tax Department on time.


To solve this problem, we have come up with a solution for all Tax Professionals.


Yes, now you can set unique email to every client (without actually creating) and use it for registering @ Income Tax site.


Using our email service, you can manage all clients' unique email IDs automatically without creating new Id’s and receive all PIN/EVC/Income Tax Communication in single email ID.


Advantages are:

  • You don’t have to manage 100's of email ID's.
  • You will not miss any intimation from ITD, as earlier emails were sent by ITD to the 100s of email IDs created by you manually.
  • Now, you don’t have to create new email ID ever in your life now and onwards.

    How Do We Execute? 

    • We’ll book a domain according to your company name i.e.
    • We’ll configure it with special email server which generates unlimited Email ID automatically according to your client’s company name.
    • All emails will be delivered to your primary Email:
    • Now let’s take xyz as a new client so here you can register ITR with this email ID and its ITR reports will come to your email ID
    • Here you don't have to create this email ID by any means.
    • Here you can recognize easily which client’s mail this is.
    • Any name you can take before and email will be created automatically and You will get all emails to your email ID


    Email ID according to your clients' company name i.e.,,, etc. All Clients' ITR reports will be delivered to your primary Email ID (You can set any email as your primary email ID)


    Our support system (Its free for life time)

    We will set this email service with Gmail, Outlook etc. and guide you on Teamviewer software that how to manage this email service. We are available on Monday to Saturday at 10AM to 6PM.





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